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Insuring Your Storage Unit

Millions of Amercians are trusting their valuables and items to self storage facilities every year, for both short and long term durations. While many people choose self storage solutions when relocating or for other short term purposes, an important thing to consider is the best ways to keep your possessions safe.  Storage units themselves aren’t […]

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How to Prevent a Storage Unit Going to Auction

When choosing and using a self storage unit, you never expect that your items will go to auction. It isn’t something you should typically worry about. Unknown financial hardship can sometimes result in your possessions being jeopardized. It’s a good idea to be prepared, and take preventative measures to make sure your items stay safe, and […]

Self-Storage in the Winter

Using self-storage facilities in the winter can help free up space in your home and garage while keeping items you don’t use all year long safe. However, extreme temperatures can damage your belongings if proper precautions aren’t taken. Use these tips to keep your possessions safe from the cold. Tips For Using Self-Storage Facilities During The Winter […]