Specialty storage

When is it necessary to protect your possessions from the elements? Climate controlled self storage solutions offer added protection from specific elements. In some cases, basic self storage can be insufficient to your needs based one what you’re storing and how long you plan on storing it for. 

 One of the main differentiators of self storage spaces is basic storage units, and climate controlled storage units.

Do you need climate control? Are the benefits worth the added cost? What type of items specifically require climate control?

If you have any of the above questions, or are just looking to be guided on the right path in your self storage solution search, look no further.

Why Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage?

Is there really a difference between regular and climate controlled storage? Basic self storage is typically sufficient for many common household items such as furniture, yard items, and other stationary objects. The doorways, while secured, are not sealed or connected to a central HVAC system.

Storage environment becomes extremely important when you’re dealing with items that will react to different temperature changes when stored for a prolonged period of time. This is particularly recommended for sensitive items such as electronics, musical instruments, antiques, or fine art. 

Some of the benefits that come from controlled storage facilities include:

Protection From Extreme Temperature

This is the main benefit, as discussed above. Sensitive objects can deteriorate or become damaged over time when stored in extremely hot or cold temperatures. 

Great Air Quality Control

Air quality is an often overlooked aspect of self storage facilities. A basic storage unit isn’t sealed in the same way that climate controlled facilities are. Since climate controlled facilities have continuously circled air flow, the air remains clean and fresh. This is especially important when storing sensitive electronics or paper documents.

Peace of Mind

For the small added cost of upgrading from a basic storage facility, you’re giving yourself peace of mind that your valued items will remain safe.

Because, what’s more important than keeping your valuables, valuable?

What Items Would Be Damaged?

Climate controlled units are generally kept at a range of consistent temperatures that are above freezing and below a maximum of 80 to 90 degrees fahrenheit.


If you’re considering a self storage solution, and think you can benefit from climate controlled units, it’s most likely necessary. Star Self Storage Wausau is a locally-owned operator that rents out storage units with custom options ranging from various size units and climate controlled units in Central Wisconsin. We have 3 locations with multiple buildings at each site, offering rental space in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.